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Spirit Musings

I AM blessed to have been given the opportunity to develop a relationship with my team of Spiritual guides through working with my Mentors & Tribal Elders. This has allowed me to develop a varied spiritual tool chest in which toprovides enlightening opportunities for people of all backgrounds and faiths to find their path, passion & calling. I look forward to bringing you diverse and empowering content. If you have an article you'd like me to post or a topic you'd like me to write about, feel free to send me an email. 
I believe our most powerful tool in life is Choice. Developing higher consciousness will enable us to make the most powerful  use of our Choice as spirits and as humans. Expanded Consciousness allows us an opportunity to hold space for all people to begin to experience themselvesin their wholeness and divinity.  In my work, and in these articles you will find useful tools and resources to assist in that mission.