​​​Ma'heo'o Reiki
 Center for Healing & Shamanic Study

Code of Ethics

Master Teacher Agreements:
If you wish to teach your own Ma'heo'o Reiki students, the following agree ments are required if you. If you do not agree with the statements below, please do not offer your services in the training of future Ma'heo'o Reiki students. Thank you.

Ma’heo’o Reiki contains valuable knowledge and techniques, provided as a gift from a higher spiritual source, which must be preserved in their original form to be most effective.
All Ma’heo’o Reiki Master Teachers agree that the information contained in the Ma’heo’o Reiki course manuals and other materials will not be altered in any way, and will be disseminated to all students in the original form as present in the copyrighted Ma’heo’o materials (other, separate materials may be additionally included in teaching work, however). The Ma’heo’o Reiki Master Teacher further agrees to teach each and all techniques as recorded in the Ma’heo’o Reiki  information in their pure and original form, without altering, deleting or adding any element to the techniques being taught.
All  Master Teachers shall observe this code of ethics, shall ensure that their students and themselves are properly registered before issuing certificates and ensure that each student has learned the requisite material and met all requirements for each level of training, before certifying the student and registering them. All Ma’heo’o Reiki Master Teachers shall strive to teach in a responsible way, so that students are encouraged and assisted in learning and mastering the  healing techniques and in providing genuine, effective and complete reiki sessions to clients. Teaching shall be done in an environment which is helpful and respectful towards each student, which provides necessary materials and opportunity for practice, review and assistance, and which provides fair and impartial assessment of student progress.
All Ma’heo’o Reiki Masters shall never turn down a prospective student on the basis of money alone. Everyone should have an opportunity to learn this system regardless of their ability to pay. This does not mean you  have to certifify everyone to be Master Teachers. 
All Ma’heo’o Reiki Practitioners and  Master Teachers are asked to agree to abide by the following Code of Ethics, which govern all healing sessions, attunements, etc as they pertain to Ma’heo’o Reiki. If you do not accept this code of ethics DO NOT Use Ma’heo’o Reiki.
All Ma’heo’o Reiki Practitioners and Master Teachers agree to  always to provide Ma’heo’o Reiki sessions using the proper techniques at the highest level of competence he or she is able to provide, and conduct each session in a professional manner. Continuing education and study, to refine skills, shall be an ongoing professional commitment.
All Ma’heo’o Reiki Practitioners and Master Teachers agree that any information that is discussed with a client within the confines of a session is strictly confidential between the healer and client, and will not be released nor discussed with a third party (except when required by medical or legal authorities). If client records are kept, they shall also remain confidential and not be released to third parties.
 All Ma’heo’o Reiki Practitioners and Master Teachers agree to provide a safe and supportive environment for clients to receive healing sessions, to treat each patient with respect free from all bias of any kind, and to uphold honesty and integrity in his or her healing practice and client/student relationships. 

Code of Ethics

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All Ma’heo’o Reiki Practitioners and Master Teachers agree never to ask any client to disrobe for a healing session. Hands-on healing shall never be practiced on or near the genital area of any client, nor on or near the breasts of any female client. Hands-off treatment of these areas shall be observed at all times, if treatment is required in these areas. If you are a massage therapist or medical practitioner and can legally work on thr body Ma'heo'o Reiki can be incorperated but clear understanding of this must be made to your client prior to treatment and all local ordinances but me maintained.
ALL Ma’heo’o Reiki Practitioners and Master Teachers agree to provide each client with  a brief written or oral description of what happens during a Ma’heo’o Reiki session, on the first visit. Any client with serious illness or affliction shall additionally be provided with a statement of the limitations of Reiki sessions, upon the first treatment, which shall include the fact that NO amount of reiki sessions of any kind can ensure a cure nor is it a substitute for medical or professional care by licensed health care professionals. 
All Ma’heo’o Reiki Practitioners and Master Teachers will immediately refer clients with physical or mental illnesses to a licensed health care professional whenever appropriate.  A Ma’heo’o Reiki Practitioner or Master shall not act in any professional capacity for which a license is required, should he or she not possess that license. Ma’heo’o Reiki Practitioners and/or Master Teachers shall not diagnose nor prescribe, shall not steer the patient away from any care by a licensed health care provider, and shall not otherwise interfere with treatment by any licensed health care provider. Should a licensed health care provider request the healer’s cooperation, it shall be provided in full.
All Ma’heo’o Reiki Masters and Practitioners agree to always strive for greater self-knowledge and spiritual growth—so that he or she learns and resolves the issues of his or her personality—to ensure that the purest possible healing energy, information and respect are provided to  every client. 
Teaching of reiki  (like reiki sessions) can raise the psychological issues of teacher and/or student. All Ma’heo’o Reiki Master Teachers agrees to always strive for greater self-knowledge and spiritual growth—so that he or she learns and resolves the issues of his or her personality—and always work to ensure that his or her personality issues do not interfere with the relationship with each student nor create situations where any student is treated in a biased, unfair or disrespectful manner.  Further All Master Teachers shall strive to ensure that all of his or her decisions regarding providing of training, teaching, energy transmission, initiations, attunements, evaluation of student work or performance and the granting of  certificates are all made from such a fair and unbiased state of awareness.