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Registered Masters
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​if I am having a live course either in person or on social media the dates and all other info will be listed here.

​location: we currently do not  have anything scheduled.

​If you are a registered MRT and would like to list an upcoming class, please contact me for full details by clicking ​​here and I will try to accomadate your listing.​

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Registered Masters
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  1. Ivan Goh
    Virtual home:
    in Brisbane
  2. Doreen Van Boxtel
    Virtual home:
    in Melbourne
  3. Lisa Kaal
    Virtual home:
    I do not have a listing for you Lisa. If you would like me to add something for you please contact me.
  1. Elizabeth Hibel
    Virtual home:
    Elizabeth I do not have a listing for you, If you would like to add one please contact me.
  2. Melinda O'Connor
    Virtual home:
    in Ballarat, Victoria If you would like to add a contact link please contact me.
  1. Christine Shepherd
    Virtual home:
    I do not have listing for Christine. If you have had any contact with Chris please let me know. Chris if you see this, please contact me.