​​​Ma'heo'o Reiki
 Center for Healing & Shamanic Study

About Us

A bit about our work

Ma'heo Reiki Healing Center was founded by Sheryl Carter, the founder of Ma'heo'o Reiki. The Center's Mission is to bring Ma'heo'o Reiki into public view of the Mass consciousness, to promote Ma'heo'o Reiki for use in healing the human condition as well as Mother Earth and all her inhabitants so we can together continue our evolution into the next level of consciousness .
Ma'heo'o Reiki Healing Center is committed to following these standards:
I will never refuse a client or student solely based on his or her financial status. Spiritual work is rewarded in ways other than money and possessions, and  it is my intention to always keep sight of that.  All fees posted are negotiable, suggested donations. My only criteria are teaching and helping those who genuinely want the services I provide.
​While I have faith in the power of holistic and spiritual work, I can not in good conscience guarantee a cure for any illness, nor can any doctor, traditional or alternative. My services and the courses I teach should not be a substitute for sound medical advice nor your own judgment.

I cannot do holistic or spiritual work for a 3rd party who has not given permission for such services, nor can I effectively work on any client who has not fully embraced the desire to become healthy again. Sometimes people gain identity from illness and pain, and for those individuals the only cure for them is a change of attitude.

Reiki and other similar energy work is from the Universe, not the individual, and as a practitioner I am merely a channel of this energy, not the source of it. Please keep this in mind when dealing with any healer or consultant, as the best one can claim is being a pure conduit of energy and not a miracle worker.

No alternative practitioner can give a medical diagnosis. While many healers have become medically intuitive, we must insist that our suggestions are followed up by a trained medical practitioner of your choice. This was taken in part from the internet but I feel it works here and states beautifully how I work. I do not know the author. If this is your work and you would like it removed please contact me.